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At the Winer Family Foundation, we establish and support upstream investments at the intersection of early childhood education and health to improve and sustain lifelong outcomes. We leverage philanthropy, nonprofits, government and community stakeholders to redefine how we think about early childhood and the importance of positive emotional relationships for successful family development.

Communities are stronger and more vibrant when all members are supported— especially in the face of social stressors. Our knowledge of early brain development paired with the possible long-term effects of ACEs emphasizes the importance of implementing preventative strategies and providing every community with a robust system of supports. These supports not only prevent ACEs but help to ensure children and families have the opportunity to do well.


As a health advocate with over ten years of experience in maternal and child health, Elizabeth (Liz) Star Winer and her husband Brad Winer established The Winer Family Foundation in 2011 to address health and social inequities confronting children in Charlotte and the surrounding area. With a foundation built on strong Jewish values and knowledge of how systemic disparities affect families, the Foundation focuses on early childhood development from prenatal to five and was created with the intention of identifying problems, convening experts, proposing innovative solutions and funding pilot programs to test creative approaches.

As Jews, the value of Tikkun Olam commands us to repair the world. It speaks to our belief in human responsibility. It is through this lens, that we focus our philanthropy.

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