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At the Winer Family Foundation, we focus on the health and development of children and families, with an emphasis on the continuum between preconception to age five. We collaborate with philanthropy, nonprofits, government, and community stakeholders to identify barriers, convene experts, propose innovative solutions, and fund pilot programs to test creative approaches that build on the strengths of families and communities.

North Carolina’s greatest resource is our people – and our state’s policies, programs, and systems can either block or unlock the full potential of our children and families. When we work together to create the conditions that allow children and caregivers to develop nurturing relationships, access efficient health services, and live and work with dignity, we tap into the human potential in North Carolina’s communities.


As a health advocate with over ten years of experience in maternal and child health, Elizabeth (Liz) Star Winer and her husband Brad Winer established the Winer Family Foundation in 2011 to address health and social inequities confronting children in Charlotte and the surrounding area. The foundation is built on strong Jewish values and knowledge of how systemic disparities affect families. As Jews, the value of Tikkun Olam commands us to repair the world. It speaks to our belief in human responsibility. It is through this lens, that we focus our philanthropy.


  • Respect: We come to this work humbly and center our partners’ strengths.

  • Optimism: We are a glass-half-full team that believes anything is possible.

  • Knowledge: We are life-long learners and embrace new and different ideas.

  • Honesty: We are committed to speaking the truth, even if the truth may be inconvenient.

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