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Making investments early in people's lives is the best way to build strong and resilient communities.

The Winer Family Foundation is committed to increasing awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs.)  We aim to connect community providers together to share resources and knowledge on trauma informed practices.  

When children show healthy development in spite of adversity, it is called resilience. Fostering resilience in young children requires strengthening the family, the community, as well as children’s own personal resources.


A community's potential for resilience is greater when people are connected to the appropriate places, information and resources. 

Over the past year, we have worked with local leadership in our health and child serving systems to understand how each are mobilized to build resilience.

Supported by a team of champions for child health and well being, we are also using the film, Resilience to catalyze conversations about ACEs, toxic stress and prevention of childhood trauma.  

To learn more about the effects and prevention of ACEs, childhood trauma and toxic stress visit:

Charlotte Resilience Project

Stress Health

Fostering Resilience


ACEs Too High


Childhood Resilience at UNCC-CHHS

Harvard Center on the Developing Child


Alberta Family Wellness Initiative 

To inquire about a Resilience screening or further questions about our speakers bureau, contact info@charlotteresilienceproject.org.

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